„Crystalart Finish“ by Cattelan company makes glass tabletops look a bit like onyx or marble

„Atlantis Crystalart“.„Atlantis Crystalart“.

The Italian company uses a printing technique which allows a large variety of colors and structures

„Crystalart Finish“ is a printing technique on glass by Cattelan Italia company. It is used for tabletops, the company’s core business, and allows a large variety of colors and structures.

Interesting for stone people is the likeness with certain types of onyx or marble.

„Atlantis“ is a design by Paolo Cattelan. „The innovation of the CrystalArt art print has enabled a 12 mm extra-clear beveled glass top to tell a story made up of exclusive shades and nuances that excite. The base is in titanium, graphite or black painted embossed steel. Dimensions: 240x120x74h – 240x120x74h shaped – 300x120x74h – 300x120x74h shaped“ according to the company’s press release.

„Dragon“ is also designed by Paolo Cattelan. It is a table with base in titanium, graphite or black painted embossed steel and top in 12 mm extra-clear beveled glass with decorative art print. The different nuances and shades give each piece a unique, customized flavor. Dimensions: 200x100x75h – 200x120x75h shaped – 240x120x75h – 240x120x75h shaped – 300x120x75h – 300x120x75h shaped.“

„Skorpio“ was created by Paolo Cattelan and Andrea Lucatello. „The iconic steel base is proposed in the new Brushed Bronze finish, as well as in the transparent painted, titanium embossed, white, black or graphite versions. The table has a 12mm extraclear beveled glass top with a decorative art print.“

Cattelan Italia

Photos/Renderings: Cattellan

„Dragon Crystalart“.„Skorpio Crystalart“.„Skorpio Crystalart“.

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