Cynthia Sah and Nicolas Bertoux in Hong Kong: „A journey from Nature to Sculpture“

Poster of the exhibition.

At the exhibition at the Rotunda, Exchange Square the artists show their marble works and give the visitors an idea of sculpting marble

„A journey from Nature to Sculpture“ is the title marble artists Cynthia Sah and Nicolas Bertoux gave their exhibition in Hong Kong from August 27 to September 14, 2019. Both are based in Seravezza near Carrara and both are passionate to open their art to the public by letting the visitors feel the emotion in a marble sculpture and by explaining the process of shaping the stone.

The exhibition at the Rotunda, Exchange Square will show 27 marble sculptures, models of plaster and 3D-prints of their works. Videos document the way of the material from the quarry to their atelier in a former stone factory. „The visitors can see and touch the works, can learn a lot about the stone and about the steps how a sculpture is done,“ they say in an interview with Italian newspaper Toscana Today.

Both are worldwide known for their small and monumental sculptures on show in many public squares or private collections. Arkad Foundation is one of their initiatives which has the aim to train artists from all over the world and to restore the old stone factory in Seravezza.

Cynthia Sah.

Cynthia Sah was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Japan and Taiwan. After receiving her Master’s degree in the U.S., she chose to work in Italy where she has been living since 1979. Her sculptures reflect the Chinese philosophy of essential equilibrium, often translated into marble or bronze, which takes shape as lightness and fluidity in space.

Nicolas Bertoux.

Nicolas Bertoux was born in Paris, began his career as an interior architect and is now totally dedicated to sculpture. His main direction is to integrate artwork into the environment by relating it to a given space, local culture, history, and nature.

Cynthia Sah

Nicolas Bertoux

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