Evergreen of stone design: „Alzabile“ floor lamp by Ignazio Gardella from 1948

Tato Lighting company: „Alzabile“ floor lamp by Ignazio Gardella.

The base of the famous object for everyday usage was made of marble / Available in new metal versions from Italian Tato Lighting company

To create re-editions of the great classics of design, Italian Tato Lighting company is proposing designer Ignazio Gardella’s floor lamp „Alzabile“ (liftable) from 1948. An authentic emblem of that epoch, Alzabile owes its name to the telescopic system thanks to which the light source can be fixed in different positions: in a lower position and aiming towards the floor it is ideal as a reading lamp; if placed higher and aiming towards the ceiling it can function as an ambient light.

Already proposed with 3 different bases in marble, 3 metal finishes and black and white ,orientable cone’, it is now also available in the versions with copper shade or chromed structure and shade.

Ignazio Gardella (1905-1999) was one of Italy’s most important architects in the 20th century. He started as a representative of modernism in Le Corbusier style and later turned towards Neorealism, but also built modern housing complexes in city suburbs aiming for village life.

His product design had used forms and was characterized by high functionality.

TATO is a young brand founded by Filippo Cristina. It is internationally known for the classic and contemporary poetics that distinguish its collections of evergreen, cultured and sophisticated lamps and furniture.

„The rediscovery of timeless languages through careful research conducted in the archives of architects/designers that have generated the success of Made in Italy design, gives rise to iconic pieces and authored editions that seduce due to their duality – as testimonies of the past that are still strongly contemporary,“ according to the company’s press release.

Base width 20 cm, maximum width shade 38 cm, minimum height 124 cm, maximum 218 cm;
Base: Marquina marble, Carrara marble, grey marble;
Structure: brass, chrome finishing;
Shade: brass, white, manganese, chrome, copper finishing.

Tato Lighting

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Tato Lighting company: „Alzabile“ floor lamp by Ignazio Gardella.Tato Lighting company: „Alzabile“ floor lamp by Ignazio Gardella.Tato Lighting company: „Alzabile“ floor lamp by Ignazio Gardella.

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