Benetti Macchine: More safety and automation for 4.0 Marble Industry

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The Italian company will be present at Marmomacc 2019 with a completely renewed booth

Italian company Benetti Macchine Spa sent us the following press release:

Benetti Macchine Spa will be present at Marmomacc Verona 2019 with a completely renewed booth in Hall 2 Stand D6. Marble industry visitors and exhibitors will be able to experiment the technological innovations presented by Benetti Macchine Spa for marble, stone and granite quarries around the world.

Benetti Macchine has worked hard designing and manufacturing new performing and innovative cutting machines. We have improved the existing models of machines and improved the after sale service in an even more efficient way than before.

The new CST 966 Plus 4×4 is a cutting system mounted on a wheel loader CAT 444 F2, developed together with Caterpillar. Caterpillar provides service worldwide, together with Benetti Macchine After Sales Service organization.

Benetti Macchine: CST 966 Plus 4x4.

The main advantages of the CST 966 Plus 4×4 compared with other models of the same category are:
1) higher moving speed and faster installation with easier maneuverability, four wheels driving and steering;
2) maximum cutting speed achieved in all types of stone materials, using an innovative chain design, combined with tools configurations specifically studied for cutting most stone materials with different hardness;
3) maximum cutting dimensions of 4,00 m in height and arm length of 4,00 m useful cut. CST 966 Plus 4×4 is equipped with telemetric control that allows remote assistance, thus complying with the automatic control and safety standards of 4.0 Industry.

This latest innovative feature has been applied on all other chain saws of the Benetti Macchine product range, where a special Department dedicated to remote assistance is constantly operational and available all year round to satisfy every request and need of spare parts by the clients. CST 966 Plus is also available in the version two wheels drive, with a Caterpillar 432 model wheel loader.

CSM 962 in Automatic configuration, displayed in the stand, with arm up to 4,50 mtrs useful cut, and the CSM 968 in Automatic configuration, with arm up to 7,30 mtrs useful cut are the new models of chain saw for open pit quarries, both equipped with automatic control and telemetry, which allow to operate with less labor and in full safety conditions.

The new CSM 963 D chain saw with single rail, developed and put in production in recent months, is a self-contained machine from energy point of view, since it has its own power unit with endothermic engine. Four tilting wheels placed at the ends of the rail, allow the machine to move independently in traverse direction with respect to the cutting direction, having, at the same time, stabilization and leveling functions.

Benetti Macchine dedicated a particular commitment to the improvement of the chain saws designed for underground mining, the TCM product line. These machines will be more and more used, due to the undoubted advantages and implications that the development of underground quarries involves in terms of increased productivity, optimization of resources, reduction of waste material, environmental protection, monitoring of operations and safety of workers.

Benetti: TCM 888 Plus.

TCM 988 Plus and TCM 888 Plus chain saws for marble underground mining, thanks to their particular structure, to the exclusive configurations of cutting tools used to cut any stone material, and the automatisms they are equipped with, are the best performing machines in their category worldwide.

TCM 888 Plus has its own cutting system mounted on a crawler, so that the machine can easily move independently both inside and outside the mine. The machine equipped with PLC, proportional hydraulic valves in CAN-OPEN execution and software, allows all cuts in automatic mode. During the movements inside or outside the mine, TCM 888 Plus is configured to reduce its encumbrance and it can run over slopes up to 25%. Each advancement of the tunnel can be done by single positioning of TCM 888 Plus, and it has the sizes of 9,00 x 6,00 x 3,00 meters.

VIP/916 is the most successful model of diamond wire saw in the world produced by Benetti Macchine due to its efficiency, versatility, automatic cutting control and safety devices. VIP/916 Digit allows to perform cuts which are not constantly manned.

Arrow 715 stationary diamond wire saw is equipped with a new automatic cutting control system, which increases the production capacity and the safety in unmanned operation.

FAST 736 diamond belt saw, exclusive to Benetti Macchine, is an extremely effective and special machine for the production of thick slabs, with a high degree of precision and very fast cutting speed.

Benetti Macchine supports its clients all over the world with an efficient assistance service and with highly qualified personnel. The use of original Benetti Accessories and Spare Parts allows a longer life of the machines even when operating in very tough weather and logistic conditions.

Benetti Macchine