FORTALEZA BRAZIL STONE FAIR 2019 (November 05–07, 2019): outstanding quartzites, quartz crystals, exotic stones and many more


Created in 2015, the event comes to its 5th edition and places the state of Ceará in the center of the world scenario of natural stones

Carlos Rubens Alencar (Responsable of Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair) will be available at Marmomac 2019 for questions and suggestions. Contact: Mail, Tel: +55.85.986.971.080 G8

It is in Ceará where important quartzites are extracted, many which stand out: Taj Mahal, Perla Venata, Matira, Perla Santana, Nacarado or Cosmopolitan.

Among the Quartz Crystals we have: Cristallo Pink, Onyx Vision and Amethiste.

Regarding the super exotic stones we can mention: Blue Deep, Rome Imperiale, Palomino, Wood Stone, Azulli, Turtle, Elegant Brown.

Among the classic granites are Ceará White, Cotton Motion, Rain Forest, Red Dragon and Casablanca.

Some quarries of marble are also emerging, and some materials are already on the market, such as: Cariús Marble and San Pellegrino.

Logo of Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair.

With such diversity of stones, about 50 mining companies currently research and extract in the state, and exports have been growing in the last 6 years. Currently, the state of Ceará is the 3rd largest exporter in Brazil, reaching in 2018 the value of US$ 28,07 million.

The focus of Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair 2019 in Ceará’s capital is to increase business contacts with architecture professionals, and this year we expect the presence of more than 1,000 architects. To stimulate the presence of these architecture professionals, specific technical lectures will be held with themes like „Specification Guidelines” and „How to Avoid Pathologies in Natural Stones”.

The main entities of architecture professionals from all over Brazil are supporting the event, and certainly the goal of 1000 architects will be reached.

Blue Deep.

During the event will be held a congress titled „X SRONE – Ornamental Stones Symposium of Northeast Brazil“, which will be promoted by the Center for Mineral Technology from the Ministry of Science and Technology (CETEM). More than 80 technical works will be presented, as well as lectures with the Architects Risale Neves Almeida and Renato Paldês.

On November 6th, the second day of the fair, will be held the II Forum of the Brazilian Institute of Ornamental Stones (IBRO) with the theme: „Thinking the sector in 2068” where international experts will outline the stone industry in 50 years.

IBRO seeks reflection on the natural stone sector, and everyone who likes to think is fundamental and invited. We need actors with the ability to formulate and we are convinced that a great future is in store for natural stones, but certainly the way they do and develop keeps very little of the paths we have traveled so far.

Among the confirmed debaters are Pedro Amaral (Frontwave, Portugal), Alvaro Abreu (Mandacaru Design), Carlos Rubens Alencar (Founder of IBRO), Peter Becker ( and Xisto Medeiros (Venice Engineering).

Carlos Rubens Alencar (Responsable of Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair) will be available at Marmomac 2019 for questions and suggestions. Contact: Mail, Tel: +55.85.986.971.080 G8

Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair

Palomino.Roma Imperiale.Taj Mahal.Cristallo Pink.Onix vision.Cariús Marble, with Carlos Rubens Alencar.

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