Alex Mint creates furniture with distinct contrasts in stone and metal

Alex Mint: „Slice of Jupiter“.

The Greek designer originates from a marble family and mixed in the thick of things from early childhood with a passion

„She roots for geometry and strong contrasts“: self-proclamation by Alexia Mintsouli as seen on her web page. So, The Greek designer is right at home here with her furniture. Combining different colors and types in sharp contrast are just the ticket especially when interspersed with strong veins.

Alex Mint: „Slice of Jupiter“.

Furniture is invariably related to geometry.

Alex Mint, her pseudonym, was born into a marble family. Her parents made mosaic and works of art and craft from marble and other types of stone. „I spent summer holidays in the factory (as a youth), working in the production, which I really enjoyed,” she writes us, and adds: „Actually, I am still enjoying it!”

Alex Mint: „Lunette“.

She graduated with a degree in architecture but felt that she had not yet reached the cusp of design. „Marble is very familiar to me, but more important, it is a natural, unique and highly versatile material, which fascinates me, so I decided to experiment with it.”

By and by she has developed her own style in creation of furniture and small accessories. She describes it as „crafting extraordinary contemporary design pieces with sublime characteristics“. The objects speak for themselves.

In her choice of materials, natural stone, sometimes imported, occupies first place. She attended Marmomac many times to get a feel for the stone and gather inspiration.

Alex Mint: „Gold Radius“. Alex Mint: „Golden Archer“.

To create contrasts, she also uses other material to complement the stone. Brass, e.g., or gold leaf which is particularly fascinating to her. „The next collection will be a combination of natural marble, wood and metal,” she reveals.

Since 2007 she has entertained her own studio in London, but production takes place mainly in Greece – even production of bronze undercarriage for her tables.

The objects in our photos are also available in other stone combinations.

Alex Mint: „Zeus“.

We noticed that she provides a short summary of her objects under the section „Products“: „All texts are linked with the products names, the latter of which are inspired by my designs. So to say: we created a fictional world where the designs are alive!”

Alex Mint

Alex Mint: „Barricade“.Alex Mint: „Chimney“.Alex Mint.

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