Bookshelf „Mondrian” by Arte nel Design: unique, exclusive and fully customizable according to the client’s ideas

Arte nel Design: bookshelf „Mondrian”.

The Italian company combines natural stones like Onyx or black marble with various other materials and sculptures

„Unique and exclusive pieces – an unparalleled pleasure dedicated to exceptional people“ is how Italian Arte nel Design company describes its furnishing objects. In some of them, the designers use stone e.g. in the bookcase dubbed „Mondrian” by designer Livio Ballabio and artist Kyoji Nagatani.

The object on the photo above has a structure in brass with elements in lacquered wood, antique mirror, whitened oak, special leather and precious onyx from all over the world, according to the company’s webpage. The size is 205 cm in diameter with a depth of 31 cm. Two bronze sculptures are part of the setting.

Arte nel Design: bookshelf „Sfera”.Arte nel Design: bookshelf „Sfera”.

„Sfera“ is another bookcase by Livio Ballabi. Its structure is in whitened oak or in black Nero Marquinia marble, respectively. The shelves can be made of whitened oak, lacquered wood, or the black marble. Again, bronze sculptures are part of the design.

On its webpage, the company points out: „All the furniture pieces of Arte nel Design are fully customizable, offering the client the opportunity to participate in the creation process, particularly in the choice of the finishes and details: this lends the final object the fundamental characteristic of uniqueness that distinguishes every single work of art.“

In other words: by defining the details of the object, the customer is invited to become a creative himself.

Arte nel Design

Arte nel Design: bookshelf „Mondrian”.Arte nel Design: bookshelf „Mondrian”.

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