100% Swiss: quartz mantle clocks in the shape of Mounts Matterhorn, Eiger, and Titlis made of Calanca Gneiss or Cristalina Marble and wood

Seven Elements: „A piece of Switzerland“.

Startup enterprise Seven Elements introduces the Alps to the living room of Helvetians and aficionados

Surprising that no-one came up with the idea before. But luckily there are startup enterprises: mantle clocks in the shape of 3 world-famous Swiss Alpine mountains are now in production by Seven Elements company, founded in 2018. As if the mountains had been cut out by a square cookie cutter only in miniature, these are mockups of Mounts Matterhorn, Eiger, and Titlis.

„A piece of Switzerland“ is the motto of the collection… and literally the clocks are just that. They are made of Alpine natural stone and/or local wood, either Calanca Gneiss or Cristiallina Marble and oak, larch, and walnut respectively.

Seven Elements: „A piece of Switzerland“.

Exploitation and manufacturing are also 100% in Swiss hands: in the case of Calanca Gneiss the elements are produced in the quarries and shop of Alfredo Polti Company.

Seven Elements: „A piece of Switzerland“.

Of course, the clock is also Swiss.

It is held in position by a magnet in the clockwork casing which latches on to the opposite pole magnet inside the stone block.

The hands and indexes of the clock is mounted under a protective „hardened mineral glass“, and the clockwork is precision made battery powered Swiss Precision quartz, according the product description.

The name of the collection is somewhat cryptic: „Time 361“ alludes to the eternity of time according to the company, and: „360° = 1 hour“. The brand name is registered.

Seven Elements: „A piece of Switzerland“.

A panorama block version is available in larch wood: ist is a uniform cube with a silhouette line of the 3 mountains carved into three sides. The fourth side carries the clock.

Seven Elements: „A piece of Switzerland“.

Last but not least, the Matterhorn is available without clock in larch and walnut with vertical contour lines precisely demarking the scaled down elevation and the coordinates.
Re.: the idea behind the product – „it is the aim of Time 361 to bring the mountain to all and every alpinist, mountain-climber, hiker, and to all that love the Alps, that they may place it in their home or office.“ A glance at the time will bring back a memory of or longing for the Alps.

Time 361

Potos: Seven Elements

(21.10.2019, USA: 10.21.2019)