(July 2010) China’s Architectural Trade Fair „China International Architectural Expo“ will take place in Beijing from October 20th to 22nd for the 5th time this year. Producers of natural stone are invited to present their wares at the 3rd China International Stone Products and Application Exhibition. Contact: Nick Zhao, Eugenia Li (Mail).

The granite walls for Manhattan’s 9/11-Memorial were erected (1, 2, 3).

Negative growth in all branches were recorded at the Piedra Stone Fair held from May 5th to 8th (see table below) and Coverings (April 27th to 30th), whereas Carrara (May 19th to 22nd) saw an increase in business.

Reconstruction of the City Palace in Berlin has been postponed from 2011 to 2014. We report of the delay as we had propagated the beginning as an opening for the stone branch in our October 2008 issue.

Granite in place of ice cubes in a literal implementation of On the Rocks Whiskey Stones.

The Dry Stone Walling Congress will take place form September 4th to 6th in Great Britain.

Artificial stone: Nisa has a jade variety. Nice surface design distinguishes Distinctive Mantle Designs.

The Memorial Awareness Board is calling for contributions for its photo competition to celebrate the beauty of stone memorials in the UK.

Space geology: this month is scheduled to see the European Space Probe Rosetta whisk by the Asteroid Lutetia. September 2008 saw the probe approach the the asteroid bearing the name Steins. The probe is scheduled to land on a celestial body in 2014.

Video of the month: a perhaps path breaking idea for stone craftsmanship could be observed at the public fair in Aste Nagusia in the Spanish City of Bilbao.