Markets: Increased demand for stone from the USA expected

(July 2010) The second half of 2010 will see a positive trend as far as demand for natural and artificial stone is concerned – according to market researchers of the US based Catalina Research, USA markets are predicted to recover. Impulse for growth will emanate mostly from modernisation of existing structures as can be deduced from the 250-page study available at a cost of $ 3,495.00.

A similar trend was reported by in July 2009.

The Marble Institute of America (MIA) has just brought out a report bearing the title „2010 Survey of the Natural Stone Industry“ which predicts development of the markets for the stone industry in the next five years. The study determines that many companies are dependant on imports and thus on fluctuation of foreign currencies. It might be worth their while to consider strategies aimed at buffering these fluctuations according to a press release. The study is based on a survey of representatives of the branch from America, Asia and Europe carried out by the Hudson Economics Group (HEG) for MIA.

A majority (62.5 percent) of North American respondents said they would be investing in the companies in 2010. Almost a third said they were unsure about the investments, by 21.7 percent said they would be buying equipment and roughly the same percentage listed potential investments in property and human resources. The Study „2010 Survey of the Natural Stone Industry“ can be purchased at a cost of $500.

A 30% downturn in business was the outcome of natural stone imports in 2009 as compared to the previous year according to figures published by the Department of Commerce in Stone World’s May issue.