Silestone Institute by Cosentino: study sees the kitchen as „the heart of the home”

Large kitchen islands help to make the former room for cooking a meeting place.

An international online consumer survey confirms that lifestyle trends in Western consuming countries are valid globally

„The kitchen, the heart of the home” is the title of the second study by Cosentino Group’s „Global Kitchen“ initiative. After the first issue in 2017, now was investigated what new role the former room for cooking now implies in terms of individual and family everyday life, how it transforms the architectural understanding of the home, how the most recent technological advances and new communication modes are integrated, how it influences personal health and wellbeing, what incidence it has on the growing environmental awareness.

The results are mainly those which we know from similar studies in Western consumer countries. But Cosentino’s focus was on the trends on a global basis. Therefore, an online consumer survey was conducted in 9 countries – Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, Italy, Scandinavia, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, United States – and in 8 countries on Facebook. Key experts were interviewed like sociologist Nita Mathur from New Delhi, India, architect María González from Chile, and many more.

The aim of the research realized by Cosentino’s Silestone Institute was to „empower architects and designers with these leading insights,” as said in a press release.

Key trends in the 2019 Global Kitchen Study include:
* The kitchen is a multifunctional and social space: 43% of those surveyed take their main meals in the kitchen, while 29% use it as a hosting space for guests; 11% having their workspace in this area; 17% do other tasks there.
* Technology in the kitchen: Social media go ahead of home automation and smart devices; social networks facilitate access to information, but they do not replace talent and passion; digitalization greatly influences which foods are cooked and how they are.
* Transition towards healthier lifestyle: the kitchen is a space for caring for health and wellbeing; key topic is healthy eating.
* The kitchen is space for protecting the environment: 35% correctly separate the waste they generate; 21.6% use less plastic; 26.9% reduce the use of water and energy.

Priorities when decorating or renovating a kitchen are: functionality (63%), savings (15%), quality and durability of materials (12%), design and aesthetics (10%). 54% use social media as inspiration to renovate or redecorate their kitchen.

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(27.11.2019, USA: 11.27.2019)