Pearl De Buck designs and produces leather handbags („Paarl“) sometimes adorned with stone details

„Paarl“, handbag by Pearl De Buck.

Belgian designer with a studio in Ghent contrasts natural materials with neon colors and emphasizes sea

Nature has invented an array of beautiful materials, but it is man’s art and craft that makes them glow. Purses by the Belgian designer Pearl De Buck have an aura all their own: some have a special „haircut“ in the leather, whereas others bear contrasting neon-bright seams. The name of the brand is „Paarl“.

Not surprising then, that natural stone also has a place, ultra-thin and mounted on an aluminum plate. Stone is provided by Potier Company of Belgium.

„Paarl“, handbag by Pearl De Buck.

We don’t want to add to what the artist says to her design and style – the photos of the purses speak for themselves. They are gems in their own right, bought once and worn a life-time.

Pearl-Lisa De Buck, her full name, is the daughter of jewelry designer Siegfried De Buck and the owner of a gallery Hermine De Groeve. She studied textile design and worked in the field for some time in upholstery. Her creativity and commercial ambitions were, however, stifled.

Fulfilment came after she delved into making handbags and purses. Her knowledge of leather, her favorite material, was self-taught. Amazing.

„Paarl“, handbag by Pearl De Buck.

Many a detail lend an air of luxury just by looking at the object: seams are sewn with absolute accuracy and are offset from the other materials by color. The artist makes no secret of the function of the seam as a distinct design element in its own right. The concept is known in architecture where planners demonstrate the transfer of weight of the roof and top stories to the building’s foundation.

But we digress – we need say no more to Pearl De Buck’s handbags and purses. They can be admired in her studio in Ghent.

Pearl De Buck

Potier Stone

„Paarl“, handbag by Pearl De Buck.„Paarl“, handbag by Pearl De Buck.

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