„Ala“ table by Italian MisuraEmme company: Orobic gray marble in oblong or round version

MisuraEmme: „Ala“ table.

Contrast between table top and base in volume and material

MisuraEmme sent us the following press release about its new dining table:

From the confluence of the sartorial know-how of MisuraEmme and the distinctive trait of Ferruccio Laviani, stems the Ala table, outstanding protagonist of the dining area. Volumetric and material contrasts accentuate the refined aesthetic sensibility of the proposal, distinguished by versatile and essential architectural profiles.

The top – available in an oblong or round version – is defined by a bevelled edge that reduces the perception of thickness. It appears suspended in space and ready to leave the ground thanks to its thin and delicate legs, which resemble airplane wings that also inspired its name. Its vaguely 50s look exudes timeless elegance and is enriched by a new top with a 2.40 metre diameter, also embellished by the new Orobic gray marble.


MisuraEmme: „Ala“ table.MisuraEmme: „Ala“ table.MisuraEmme: „Ala“ table.MisuraEmme: „Ala“ table.MisuraEmme: „Ala“ table.MisuraEmme: „Ala“ table.

(14.12.2019, USA: 12.14.2019)