„Time is Stone“ will be the central theme in Hall 1 of Marmomac 2020

The stone for this artwork had already been millions of years old when it was used for carving this copy of the head of a Greek statue from around 400 BC.

The Italian Stone Theatre is again meant to showcase the „Italian Excellence in working natural stone“ (Eccellenza Litica Italiana)

„What most distinguishes natural stone from artificial products is Time“, is the key phrase in Marmomac’s press release about the concept for the 2020 Italian Stone Theatre. So this time the show in Hall 1 meant to demonstrate the „Italian Excellence in working natural stone“ (Eccellenza Litica Italiana) is going to be more philosophical than ever. At least the press release continues with a sophisticated tone: „Narrating stone through Time is a way of regaining authenticity, the inimitable truth that mankind – today increasingly enraptured by appearances – has to rediscover new areas of creativity.“

„Time is Stone“ will be the motto of the presentation is Hall 1. Curators are Raffaello Galiotto, Vincenzo Pavan, Giorgio Canale, and Paolo Criveller. These days, the concept was presented to companies from the Verona and Carrara natural stone districts during two meetings held in Verona and at Palazzo Binelli in Carrara.

The press release continues: „Alongside Elena Amadini, Veronafiere Stone & Design Area exhibition manager, and the curators illustrated the overall theme and then presented the exhibitions, as always focusing on Italian stone, machinery and technology companies in collaboration with architects, designers and leading brands in other sectors.“

Without doubt, it will a real challenge to bring stone and time together to make time perceptible in some way. As Saint Augustine had written in his Confessiones about time: „If no one asks me, I know what it is.” In the last 2 years, the central themes of the Italian Stone Theatre had been Water (2018) and Nature (2019).

As in the years before, Hall 1 will also hold the third edition of „Percorsi d’Arte – Art Ways“ (artists working stone with machinery) and „Brand & Stone“ (furniture-design brands collaborating with companies to create products in natural stone for inclusion in their collections). The Wine Bar and the Ristorante d’Autore will again take place.

Two new exhibitions are also planned, one will showcase young designers’ ideas.

Marmomac 2020, September 30 – October 03

(17.12.2019, USA: 12.17.2019)