Design: Marble with a brand name

(July 2010) There are new cards on the table of the natural stone branch, so to say, and the players see them reshuffled. The name of the game is „Design“, and the trump cards carry the title „brand“: some companies have already discovered the enormous marketing potential and are manoeuvring to secure a decisive portion of the market with the aid of a brand name. This is a development which the ceramic branch has been living for decades.

One of the forerunners is the Spanish based Mármoles Serrat Company which coined the „Lifestone“ brand by means of which Gris Pulpis marble, mined in company-owned quarries and worked in their workshops enjoys value added turnover.

These are tiles for which the company’s designer team has developed unusual design ideas.

Sleek simplicity is the distinguishing factor of some of the products. In the case of mosaics, e.g. the fact that the stone is available in various shades works out positively.

Other series bearing the brand name play with sophisticated surfaces or converge marble with other materials, in the case of „Eco Cosmos“ stone is combined with stained glass, in other cases Swarowski Crystal.

Tiles are 1 cm thick and are available in a variety of sizes (30,5 x 30,5 cm, 40 x 40 cm, 60 x 60 cm etc.).

Mármoles Serrat is a Santa Magdalena de Pulpis based family enterprise in the Province of Castellón. It was founded by the father of today’s CEO and owner who started out with a small stone mason workshop. Meanwhile the company employs a staff of over 60. Most of its products are exported to as many as 30 foreign countries.


Photos: Mármoles Serrat