Architecture: Part Heaven and part Earth

(July 2010) It goes by the name „Plus“ and is a weekend-villa built on a hill in Shizuoka, Japan. Mount Fuji Architects designed it from two simple boxes crossing one another at right angles but somewhat concentrically.

The first level is built in the hill and houses lodging and bathrooms with a view from the large picture windows and from the terrace over the Pacific to the clouds on the horizon.

The perpendicularly constructed second level contains community rooms, kitchen and living room as well as a second terrace. The building is surrounded by Japanese oak and cherry trees.

There is also a ground level below the two stories.

Bianco Brouille marble was used to clad the concrete walls inside and out supplied by the Japanese based Shirai Sekizai Company. The siding makes for an interesting play of lights when the blue sky or the green of the surrounding trees is mirrored in the sleek stone or when the clouds in the sky are propagated on the marble structure.

„Carved out of nature, it (the building) never stops being a part of nature itself, however highly abstracted“, writes Mount Fuji Architects Studio’s Harada Masahiro.

Capturing the feeling: a masterwork of photography by Ken’ichi Suzuki.

Mont Fuji Architects Studio

Shirai Sekizai

Ken’ichi Suzuki (Mail)