Rural tradition and modernity come together in a former farmhouse, set among the hills of Treviso

Giovanni Zanella: former farmhouse modernized.

Architect Giovanni Zanella renovated, extended and transformed the building with a stone façade

A rustic exterior and contemporary interiors define this home in Fregona, which enjoys panoramic views and is just a stone’s throw from Vittorio Veneto.

The two-storey building, dating back to the early 20th century and located close to Treviso at the outskirts of the Alps, was originally used as a barn, housing animals on the ground floor and a hayloft on the first floor.

Thanks to the conversion project by the architect Giovanni Zanella, the building has now been completely renovated, extended and transformed into a modern home that combines its to rural past with modern lifestyle.

Giovanni Zanella: former farmhouse modernized.Giovanni Zanella: former farmhouse modernized.

In fact, the restoration work was carried out keeping the typical architectural characteristics and original features of the farmhouse, with stones, exposed brickwork and spruce wood
defining the façades. The two floors of the house have also been maintained, although the organization of the rooms and their extension have been adapted for residential use.

Giovanni Zanella: former farmhouse modernized.Giovanni Zanella: former farmhouse modernized.

Inside the farmhouse can be found some of the same colors and materials used on the outside: lime cladding, grey/green-colored natural earth, wood and original local stone, together with other high-performance materials such as steel.

These materials flow through the various rooms, creating a cozy atmosphere combined with a sense of charming simplicity.

Giovanni Zanella: former farmhouse modernized.

Striking the balance between past and present, the contemporary design of the Abimis Ego kitchen blends in effortlessly with the traditional surroundings of this rural building. This ground-floor kitchen has a room all to itself, with the large patio door making it bright and directly accessible from the front garden, thereby creating natural continuity between the different environments.

Ego, made entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel, is the tailor-made kitchen by Abimis, customized according to each project’s specific requirements and made to measure with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Source: Abimis

Photos: Matteo Cirenei

(28.12.2019, USA: 12.28.2019)