Thank you for the many Christmas Greetings which were sent to us by email from all over the world

<a href=""target="_blank">Pibamarmi</a>, Italy.

Many friends and clients have sent us hearty Christmas greetings by mail. We show a few which have stone in the presentation.

Peter Becker

<a href=""target="_blank">Peca Design</a>, Mexico<a href=""target="_blank">Marsotto Edizioni</a>, Italy.LSI Stone, Portugal (<a href=""target="_blank">video</a>, <a href=""target="_blank">1</a>).<a href=""target="_blank">Cluster Portugal Mineral Resosurces</a>.<a href=""target="_blank">Peter Randall-Page</a>, sculptor, Great Britain.Cynthia Sah, Nicolas Bertoux, sculptors (<a href=""target="_blank">Arkad Foundation</a>), Italy.<a href=""target="_blank">Julia Marmi</a>, Italy.<a href=""target="_blank">Pimar</a>, Italy.<a href=""target="_blank">Veromar</a>, Turkey.

(27.12.2019, 12.27.2019)