Design: legless desk

„Seco“.(July 2008) Design often suffers because form and function are chosen randomly without justifying the use of the material chosen by the designer. In the case of dimension stone, the solution to this dilemma may well lie in using stages in the life of the stone such as the block as it comes out of the quarry or the slab as it leaves the saw.

„Seco“ is one example designed by the German Peter Dieterich (Dimodis company): the desk is composed of two slabs, one vertical and one horizontal, the later resting on the former. In itself this construction lacks stability but since every desk needs space to stow things away as well as extra surface space, a stone container is part of the concept and serves as an extra support.

Dietrich used Italian Statuario marble. „Other types of marble or granite are also suitable“, sais Dimodis’ designer. Including the container also made of stone, the desk weighs approx. 600 kg. „Seco“ is derived from latin and means „cutting marble into slabs“.