Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

Logo of the campaign Use Natural Stone. Source: Natural Stone InstituteUsenaturalstone.org is one of the Natural Stone Institute’s (NSI) initiatives to strengthen the stone sector worldwide. Companies and associations are invited to use the texts and photos free of costs for their promotion.

Orence is an online shop from Belgium which has many small stone items for everyday usage.

Online magazine Archdaily has a report titled „The Beauty of Marble in Interiors and Facades“ giving some basic information about natural stone.

The winner projects of the XXXIII edition of the Premios Macael (Macael Marble Awards) are described in an online magazine (English, Spanish).

Portugal’s stone association Assimagra has planted 2020 trees in an area in Porto de Mós where quarries had been closed down some time ago (Portuguese).

A webpage shows examples for the „petrification“ of green areas with the help of gravel – or: when front yards are covered in stone (1, 2).

A museum in Japan exhibits rocks which resemble human faces.

The so-called flat-jointed model is capable of matching both the mechanical properties and the fracturing behavior of Carrara marble, researchers have found.

Just one year after „Chang’e 4“ landed on the moon, China’s space agency has released photos from the dark side of our celestial neighbor.

A new telecope on Haleakala, Hawaii has shot the closest photos of the Sun’s surface. The observatory shall be fully operational in July this year (1, 2).

Video of the month: 26 students of the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture erected 3 shelters made of wooden trunks for the workers in a quarry of Swiss Ongaro Graniti company. During three weeks in November und December 2019, they experienced the quarry and the local materials from a new perspective and also learned different types of construction.

(03.02.2020, USA: 02.03.2020)