At IMM Cologne Fair 2020, noun products presented its new „puro” light object made of transluzent Corian Engineered Stone

Noun products: „puro“.

Hygienic properties and a soft brightness allow the luminaires to be used also in doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies or clinics

German company noun products sent us the following press release:

The solid surface material Corian consists of two thirds natural minerals and resembles natural stone visually and haptically. Due to its special properties (surface density/hygienic properties), this high-quality material is often used in the medical sector. Noun products took advantage of these features and developed puro a line of lamps that is both puristic and impressive. The yare available as pendant-, wall-, floor lamps. The novelty was introduced to the market at IMM Cologne Fair 2020 in Cologne, Germany.

„Puro combines the extraordinary luminescence and light scattering of natural stone with the best hygienic properties so that these luminaires with their soft brightness create a pleasant atmosphere even in doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies or clinics,” product designer Detlev Belau, managing director of noun products, explains.

With puro, lighting planners and interior designers get the opportunity to give representative rooms an interesting accentuation and emotional charisma – regardless if for public buildings, restaurants or hotels. „Puro combines simple elegance with mystical luminescence”, according to Detlev Belau.

Length: 40 to 150 cm
dim-to-warm LED, 2250K – 2800K
primarily dimmable, up to 6750 lm
many Corian designs possible

Noun products: „puro“.

noun products was founded in 2017 with the aim of developing, producing and selling high-quality design products. It is serial production while the central elements are manufactured by handicraft companies. The symbiosis of contemporary design, innovative manufacturing, and sensitive craftsmanship creates design objects of high quality with an individual character.

Noun products

Noun products: „puro“.

(15.02.2020, USA: 02.15.2020)