Laurameroni: „new materials (onyx and alabaster) and decorative solutions even in the world of lighting”

Laurameroni, Bartoli Design: „Clis”.

The Italian design company presents three new lamps for interior decoration projects

Italian company Laurameroni sent us the following press release:

Laurameroni presents three new lamps which will be part of the new update of our „Elements” lighting catalogue.

With these new products we have continued and renewed our commitment in proposing new materials and decorative solutions even in the world of lighting.

The idea behind these new lamps is the ability to customize and strongly characterize the space in which they are placed, thus acting not only as a source of light but also as a decorative element.

Laurameroni, Bartoli Design: „Clis”.

„Clis” is a system of minute disc-jewel lamps designed by Bartoli Design. The various configurations – single, in line, in groups, in cascade – leave great possibilities for customization to design and create an original light source.
The interchangeable magnetic covers dress the product with bronze or brass, with textures or even precious polychrome marbles. The spotlights are adjustable both on the vertical and horizontal axis to spread the light beam in the most effective way or to create decorative light effects. Material may be onyx, brass or bronze.

Laurameroni, Cesare Arosio (Design): „Ada”.

„Ada” is sculptural table lamp that combines a typically Italian material with ancient origins such as the brown Alabaster of Volterra with the precious satin burnished brass. Cesare Arosio designed a polyhedral base created to exalt the natural veins of the Volterra alabaster. One side is covered with satin brass and the lampshade, with a rounded shape, shows an unusual cutting detail made in burnished brass.

Laurameroni, Cesare Arosio (Design): „Gaia”.

With the „Gaia” lamp, light becomes an architectural element. It is a sculpture of lines and circles, extremely geometric and with a strong visual impact. The different configuration of the discs that cover the LED bulbs create innumerable lighting variations and unique light effects. Gaia was designed by Cesare Arosio to be juxtaposed and combined to decorate the walls and ceilings of every modern and elegant room. The material is satin brass.

Laurameroni: Lighting

(10.03.2020, USA: 03.10.2020)