Marble tables „Angelo M“ by Leo Aerts: timeless design with timeless material

Leo Aerts: „Angelo M“.Leo Aerts: „Angelo M“.

Studio Alinea’s Belgian designer, based in the town of Geel, numbers and signs each piece

One can see that the tables of the „Angelo M“ collection are designed for timelessness: their shape is simple and has been beautiful for generations, marble as the material of choice stands for lasting elegance. The Belgian designer Leo Aerts has launched them as the latest novelties of his brand „Alinea”. They are available with round or oval top in 6 different sizes.

Six types of marble are available for production. The usual finishes are offered, i.e. honed, polished, brushed, „On request this design can be made in almost any type of marble and customized” according to the documentation.

Clearly, these pieces of furniture fall into the category of Functional Sculptures, to which we have recently devoted several articles. They are a go-between product, part design and part works of art. In the case of „Angelo M”, art is the flowing line that comes from the foot and stretches into the plate, to somehow end there.

The conical shape of the foot guarantees maximum legroom. Worth mentioning is the edge of the table top, which is slightly sloping upwards. This makes the top appear thinner than it actually is.

Leo Aerts: „Angelo M“.

Leo Aerts emphasizes in his presentation that these are unique pieces. This is not only because of the natural stone, which always comes in different colours with different veins. All pieces are numbered. „The table is also signed, transcends purely functional and becomes a valuable object with extra meaning and lasting value for future generations”, the documents continue.

Sustainability also plays an important role in Aerts’ concept. For example, if the natural stone develops a patina over time, it can be ground down without any problems. Then it appears as new. To prevent stains, the table is impregnated with a food-safe and environmentally friendly agent.

Leo Aerts: „Angelo M“.

From the designer’s self-portrayal: „Interior architect and designer Leo Aerts has run his own design agency Alinea for more than 30 years. Design has become part of his lifestyle. He swears by sober functional and timeless designs that can be passed on from generation to generation. Since then Leo nor his designs can be categorized easily. The core value: Durable materials full of character. According to Leo, quality should always take precedence over quantity – everywhere. His designs have repeatedly received national and international awards and accolades, including the coveted German Red Dot Award as well as the German Design Award, the Good Design Award in Chicago, and the AZ Award in Toronto.“

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Photos: Alinea

Leo Aerts: „Angelo M“.Leo Aerts: „Angelo M“.Leo Aerts: „Angelo M“.

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