Outdoor exhibition „Sculpture by the Sea” at Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia until March 23, 2020

Sculpture by the Sea, 2020, photo from the webpage of the exhibition.

Shown are 70 sculptures by artists from Australia and abroad

„Sculpture by the Sea” has returned to Cottesloe Beach on the coast of Western Australia. Until March 23, 2020, will be shown 70 sculptures by artists from 17 countries including Australia, with 31 Western Australian Artists at the famous white sands of Cottesloe close to Perth. The outdoor sculpture exhibition sees its 16th edition.

International artists include Karl-Christian Geleff (Denmark), Dave Glass (Portugal), and Vaclav Fiala (Czech Republic). Leading sculptors also come from Western Australia and Australia.

On the opening day of the exhibition, Sam Hopkins (WA) was announced as the winner of the prestigious Western Australian Sculptor Scholarship. One of his famous works is ,2030’, a 6 m tall aluminum tree which explores the concept of the ,tree of life,’ a symbol of wisdom, strength and forgiveness, now reshaped by climate. Photo from the webpage of the exhibition. „By 2030, the threat of climate change to ecosystems and the bioclimatic limit of trees will be irreversible,” the artist informs on his webpage.

Sculpture by the Sea, 2020, photo from the webpage of the exhibition.

The aim of Sculpture by the Sea is to promote artists and their works. „We are committed to making sculpture more accessible to a wide range of audiences and are the only Australian organization offering education programs and resources to schools specifically focused on sculpture,” as said on the webpage.

The event also includes the Alcoa Schools Education Program and free Tactile tours, among others.

Bondi at the Eastern rim of the continent is the second venue of Sculpture by the Sea. Its 2019 issue took place from 24 October to 10 November along the iconic coastal walk between Bondi and Tamarama beaches in New South Wales.

Sculpture by the Sea

Sam Hopkins

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