Portuguese marble and terrazzo brought together in French Ateliers Zelij’s new collection by Samir Mazer

Ateliers Zelij, designer Samir Mazer: Stone & Terrazzo collection.

French Ateliers Zelij has launched its new Stone & Terrazzo collection bringing together Portuguese stone, marble and terrazzo. „The original combination of materials stands out for its contemporary signature, offering innovative interpretations of Atelier Zelij’s best selling compositions and exclusive designs by Samir Mazer,” according to a press release.

With ,Stone & Terrazzo’, Samir Mazer is applying his designs and new creations to different scales and finishes. Stone, marble and terrazzo offer new possibilities. Usually sought out for their basic formats (square, rectangle), these materials are revisited as mosaics and are available to be ordered in small or large formats, preassembled upon nets, adaptable to the scale of each project.

„To keep a culture alive, conservation is insufficient”, explains Samir Mazer, „it must also be reinvented”. Of Moroccan origin, Samir Mazer is a visionary artist who has chosen the irregularities and sensual textures of traditional tiling to create rhythmic designs. Initially trained as a sculptor and with a high artistic sensitivity, he has developed strong technical skills enabling him to perfect his design approach. Attached to Mediterranean culture, Samir Mazer seeks to combine the worlds of contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship. Through his creations he breaks from form, playing with contrasts and nuances, setting the scene to project the savoir-faire of ancient tiling techniques into the future.

Ateliers Zelij

Photos: Atelier Zelij

Ateliers Zelij, designer Samir Mazer: Stone & Terrazzo collection.Ateliers Zelij, designer Samir Mazer: Stone & Terrazzo collection.

(26.03.2020, USA: 03.26.2020)