New COVID-19 webpage by the Natural Stone Institute with useful information also for non-American (stone) companies

Illustration of the coronavirus in huge magnification. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) / <a href=""target="_blank">Wikimedia Commons</a>

Topics reach from checklists for worker protection, quarantine behavior to cyber criminals seeking to capitalize on the epidemic

The Natural Stone Institute has created a COVID-19 webpage with webinars, FAQs, government links, and much more. „We are updating this resource weekly as information becomes available”, CEO Jim Hieb wrote us in an email. „Just this week, new information is being added each day.”

The webpage is full of practical information useful also for non-American stone companies. Just a few topics:
* Checklist for Rapid Crisis Response,
* Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Plan,
* Creating a Safety Plan,
* Prevent Worker Exposure to Coronavirus,
* Mental Well-Being During a Quarantine,
and many more.

Also business topics are available, e.g.:
* Adjusting Your Marketing Strategy in Times of Crisis,
* Cyber Criminals Seeking to Capitalize on Coronavirus.

Information in Spanish
* Tome Medidas para Prevenir la Exposición de los Trabajadores al Coronavirus

Jim closes his mail: „I know that many of our industry friends are getting information from a variety of sources. If you come across valuable information that you think might be useful to the broader membership, please send them to me.”

Natural Stone Institute COVID-19 webpage

Jim Hieb, giving valuable information to a member of the NSI, at a fair in more quite times.

(06.04.2020, USA: 04.06.2020)