Markets: Geology as a PR top-seller for the stone branch

(August 2010) Rio de Janeiro’s Sugarloaf Mountain is a well-known tourist attraction, the fact that it is a natural granite outcrop like a number more in the province bearing the same name, not quite as well known. Since 2001 the „Project Geological Paths” („Projeto Caminhos Geológicos“) has made these occurrences to a unique selling opportunity for the tourist industry with internet presentation maps to interest visitors in having a look for themselves.

For the stone branch initiatives of this sort present an opportunity to contribute as a sponsor with the added value of PR of their own. This is not a new occurrence even though seldom used in the stone branch. But the Geological Paths are worth mentioning because of the internet presence, widening the scope of their sphere of action considerably.

67 pages have been published by the Geological Service of the province of Rio de Janeiro (Serviço Geológico do Estado do Rio de Janeiro), initiator of the projects, thus far. E.g. the Nature Reserve Iguaçu with its famous waterfall, where prehistoric volcanic activity was prevalent, or the tourist attraction Búzios near the Atlantic coast, where the ancient continent Godwana is integrated into the legend.

The tables can be accessed by clicking on the tab of the Homepage „Placas“. Select a map „Selecione um município“ and the corresponding table in various digital formats. If a member of the stone industry were to incorporate their logo in such a map, a simple click could lead visitors to their home page.

It may be assumed that not merely geology fans will be visiting the internet pages of the project. Anybody planning a trip to the region may stumble across the pages and want to have a closer look. This would broaden the spectrum of potential customers considerably. Note, this is not about selling as such – the aim is to promote the product natural stone in consumers conscience and keep it within reach until such time as a building project may bring it to the foreground.

Sponsors should note how the project uses the entire gamut of digital possibilities from photos of places of interest which can be sent as Post Card greetings „Postais“, or games for the youngsters „Jogos“ or an interactive map.

Projeto Caminhos Geológicos (Portuguese)

Serviço Geológico do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Portuguese)