A tool for Covid-19 times: “Isola” can help to control access and sanitize people and objects that pass through it

„Isola“ by Faram 1957.

Italian Faram 1957 company comes out with a box to facilitate business life / After the crisis, it may be transformed into a telephone booth

The World is partly coming out of shutdown and lockdown, and Italian Faram company, specialist for partition walls and office furniture, has already developed a special tool to organize life in Covid-19 times. In the press release is said:

Faram has developed “Isola”, a multifunctional portal where design integrates with artificial intelligence, which can control access and sanitize the people and objects that pass through it, increasing the security of places.

The technologies inside it are innovative and certified: the individual sanitation process is integrated with access control thanks to an artificial intelligence system. A thermo scanner records the body temperature and dialogues simultaneously with the door opening mechanism by monitoring the number of maximum permitted accesses. The system is also prepared for the integration of a number of additional artificial intelligence functions, such as the evaluation of other parameters of suitability for entry, such as the presence of the mask on the person’s face, or the recognition of the person by means of a company badge or fidelity card.

„Isola“ by Faram 1957.

Isola is a flexible device that can be easily placed in different types of public spaces, such as public facilities, large companies, banks, museums, points of sale with a high number of entrances, gyms, cinemas and theatres, hotels.

Faram considers sustainability a primary theme, both in the choice of materials such as glass and aluminum and in the durability of the devices. Isola, in fact, today is a portal for the protection of the various activities and their users, in the future it can easily transform itself by inserting soundproofing panels, in privacy pods or phone booth.

Faram 1957

(23.05.2020; USA: 05.23.2020)