Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

Photo: Xiamen Black White Stone “Artemis Déjà vu” is the name the Chinese company Xiamen Black White Stone has given its collection of consumer items made of or with natural stone. Among them are wristwatches with stone dials.

“We call on researchers, museums, funders, scientific societies and journals to ensure that all samples of sediment and sedimentary rock from which geochemical data have been produced and published are curated, archived and made available to members of the research community,” geologists write in an article in Nature magazine. They are worried about the reliability and verifiability of the data material.

With ultrasonic measurements, scientists have examined marble sculptures in Berlin and found “alarming conditions”.

The Strategic Stone Study will give an overview of quarries in England and of stones used for buildings. It shall be launched soon, the Stone Specialist informs.

In a lifestyle blog, pumice stone is recommended as ideal for buffing a skin smooth in a “green” way.

Missouri State Parc has the 1,000 steps trail.

“Labyrinths of Granite and Ice” is the title of a report about climbing the Southeast Face of Link Sar, an unclimbed 7041 m peak in the Karakorum Range of Pakistan.

Italian artist Fabio Viale decorates classical marble sculptures with tattoos (1, 2).

Video of the Month: „A passion for Jade“ is the title of a video about the famous Heber Bishop collection at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC (video, 1)

(01.06.2020, USA: 06.01.2020)