Luxury design for the elevator cabin: various features against Coronavirus contagion of passengers, light shapes the box, natural stone or full-size monitors for the walls

„On Air“ with translucent onyx.

Italian IGV Group and Studio Marco Piva have transformed the traditional carton into an “On Air” container

Italian IGV Group, a company renowned for lift systems, and Studio Marco Pica, famous for architecture and design, have launched “On Air”, an elevator cabin with luxury design and features against Coronavirus contagion. We publish the press release:

ON AIR is an entirely new way of conceiving the inner and outer space of the lift car. It is an ethereal project, hence its name, which results in an immersive, simple, elegant, and pure volume combining the highest standards of accessibility and safety with elements of innovation aimed at safeguarding the health of passengers and operators.

There are many technical solutions involved to guarantee the full sanitization of the lift car, ranging from pre-processed antimicrobial materials to rounded profiles removing corners and edges by connecting the car walls to the floor to prevent the build-up of germs, from technical grooves in the walls, serving as an integrated handrail provided with a UVC germicidal technology, to the highly efficient ventilation system for continuous air purification and a near-instant air exchange.

„On Air“, left: natural stone, right: aluminum.

To reduce the exposure to the risk of contagion, thus guaranteeing safe use of the lift, ON AIR is equipped with the most advanced interface and internal communication systems: from virus-resistant to touch-free and proximity-activated control panels, from a multilingual voice interface combined with face recognition for enabling exclusive stops, to the remote control of the lift system from a mobile device.

>„On Air“, left: glass, right: full-size monitors.

ON AIR is a light, emotional system, strongly characterized by light, emphasizing directly or indirectly the lift car geometry, cutting out the spaces where the lights are hidden. The UV-C ultraviolet component of the lamps, integrated in the technical grooves, guarantees a complete sterilization of the surfaces, offering an absolutely pure and safe environment. It is automatically activated during the standby phase of the lift, only when there are no passengers in the car.

ON AIR also enhances the lift by changing it into a multimedia container, conceived to amaze the user. Forgetting about their material component, the lift car surfaces become full size monitors and come alive for an immersive, enveloping and fully engaging experience.

ON AIR is a highly adaptive system designed to fit several contexts, thanks to its strong ability to relate with any surrounding architectural feature.


Studio Marco Piva

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The UV-C ultraviolet component guarantees complete sterilization of surfaces when there are no passengers in the cabin.