The chaise longue “Vellum” by Sa.Ge.Van Marmi and the designer Natascia Bascherini goes to the limit of what is possible with marble

Natascia Bascherini, Sa.Ge.Van Marmi: „Vellum“.Natascia Bascherini, Sa.Ge.Van Marmi: „Vellum“.

Pure stone with a thickness of 4 cm without carrier layer or resin and only with a narrow bearing surface

You have to know the marble inside out to dare to produce such a piece of furniture as the “Vellum” chaise longue by the Italian company Sa.Ge.Van Marmi. Because: “There is no machinery that is able to see inside a block,” writes the designer Natascia Bascherini, from whom the design originates, “if some cracks become visible during the processing, the block is immediately discarded.”

The thickness of the seat is 4 cm and has a support only on the sides.

All in all, the chaise longue weighs 300 kg. The maximum load capacity is 240 kg.

Natascia Bascherini, Sa.Ge.Van Marmi: „Vellum“.

The stone is not resinated, and it does not have a reinforcing net or similar on the underside.

The marble is Statuario di Carrara. The supporting structure is made of iron. The floor is teak. The dimensions are 176 x 78 x 70 cm.

This extraordinary piece of furniture is delivered completely assembled in one piece.

The designer was inspired by veils, as they were worn in former times. It is a “sculptural design”, she writes, and adds to Sa.Ge.Van’s style: “In our artworks we always try to give to the marble a visual sensation of lightness and softness, a constant prerogatives of classic artworks, returned through drapery, softness of the flesh, definition of the details”.

Sa.Ge.Van Marmi

Natascia Bascherini

Renderings: Sa.Ge.Van Marmi

Natascia Bascherini, Sa.Ge.Van Marmi: „Vellum“.Natascia Bascherini, Sa.Ge.Van Marmi: „Vellum“.

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