The “Nenou” upholstered furniture collection includes serving trays with a special shape, which prevent sliding

Jörg Boner, Cor: „Nenou“.

The Swiss product designer Jörg Boner and the German furniture company Cor were inspired by water lilies

Water lilies provided the inspiration for the new “Nenou” collection, which Swiss product designer Jörg Boner developed for the German furniture company Cor. Various aspects of these plants were taken up: the idea was to enable placing chairs, stools and benches of the collection loosely into seating arrangements like water lilies on a pond; the design reflects a certain characteristic of the leaves. This is the bulge towards the edge and the incision that runs through the middle of the leaf.

This striking indentation now has practical consequences for the stone or wooden serving boards, which are available to match the collection: The underside of these boards is adapted to the cut in the upholstery so that they have a firm grip when placed on one of these pieces of furniture.

Jörg Boner, Cor: „Nenou“.Jörg Boner, Cor: „Nenou“.

By the way, the name “Nenou” is derived from the Spanish word Nenufar for water lilies.

The serving trays are supplied by the German company Schwanekamp.

Jörg Bohner


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