Message from Euroroc as the Covid 19 virus is spreading in some regions in the Americas and India: “We are united by the joy of natural stone”

Illustration of the Covid-19 virus in huge magnification. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) / <a href=""target="_blank">Wikimedia Commons</a>

While in China, after some months with Covid 19 restrictions, the economy is almost back to normal, and European countries are lifting lockdown and shutdown step-by-step, the situation in some parts of North and South America and in Africa is getting worse. Also, in India, the virus is spreading. We publish a message from Euroroc, the umbrella organization of the European natural stone sector:

Dear members and friends of our natural stone family,

We are united by the joy of natural stone. Unfortunately, we are also united worldwide by the suffering that the virus has brought on our business and the people.

Despite continuous setbacks, the situation in Europe is visibly improving. We know about the difficult circumstances in the New World and are thinking of you.

But together we will succeed. The virus cannot harm our product and we natural stone specialists will succeed in solidarity. Lucky for us all.

Gerd Merke, General Secretary
Euroroc – the European federation for natural stone

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