New from Promemoria: lamps by designer Romeo Sozzi from 2013

Promemoria, Romeo Sozzi: “Lampada Dadaista“.

In Corona-times, the Italian company with the motto “Beyond Luxury” has relaunched an ancient collection

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, some design companies have postponed their new collection until next year, and others present their news only online. Promemoria company takes a middle course and refers online to works by designer Romeo Sozzi from 2013:

Promemoria, Romeo Sozzi: “Lampada Dadaista“.“Lampada Dadaista” (Dadaistic Lamp) is the description for the floor lamp called “Hara”. It is described as a “glowing bucket”: the somewhat simply shabby object is enhanced by a handle made of bronze (with leather cover), according to the press kit. It does not need any cables or wiring, because it draws its power from a battery.

Promemoria, Romeo Sozzi: “Karina“.Promemoria, Romeo Sozzi: “Karina“.The table lamp “Karina” also has a simple form, but refers to lanterns as they are known from antiquity. The materials here are also transparent onyx and bronze.

Promemoria, Romeo Sozzi: “Jorinda“.Promemoria, Romeo Sozzi: “Jorinda“.With the floor lamp “Jorinda” the designer wanted to remind of a fruit hanging between branches of a tree. The model for the shape of the lamp was the acorn. The lampshade is alabaster, the rest is hammered bronze. The lamp tells “the story of a squirrel…” according to press kit, and everybody may continue the story.

Promemoria, Romeo Sozzi: “Tornasole“.Promemoria, Romeo Sozzi: “Tornasole“.“Tornasole” is the name of the table which comes in 3 large and different materials, among them onyx and white marble. The maximum size of 191.5 cm in diameter is also available with the addition of a 70 or 90 cm rotating disc.

“Beyond Luxury“ is the motto of Promemoria on its webpage: “Moving among Promemoria creations one has the feeling of being in front of something that transcends the categories of design and luxury. To be fully appreciated, these pieces of furniture require to be watched and caressed. Each piece is surprising for the originality of the combinations and for the harmonious contrasts between materials.”


(27.06.2020, USA: 06.27.2020)