United Alabaster company: “the ‘Glans’ lamp comes directly from nature to your space”

United Alabaster: the “Glans” lamp.

United Alabaster company sent us the following press release:

The Glans Lamp, known for its organic shape, is characterized by being a suspension lamp made with a copper plate in a satin finish and alabaster shades.

The name of Glans comes from the acorn-shaped fruit. Its shape reminds us of this bulky, oval and somewhat pointed fruit, made up of a hard shell. Satin copper plate is a durable metal because it can be recycled almost unlimited times. It was one of the first metals to be used by humans in prehistory.

The Glans Lamp is made up of different combinations that fit perfectly into public or private spaces:
– The most versatile for its 3 shapes, perfect as soft and secondary lighting to highlight the resting or waiting corner in a hall or lounge.
– The best-selling with its 6 oval shapes to put as the central axis providing a play of lights and shapes that leave no one indifferent.
– And the majestic 12-piece Glans, a work of art to be the protagonist at height of any exchange area.

The combination of these two materials gives rise to a range of contemporary lamps that emit a pleasant and diffused light into the atmosphere.

Design: Joan Casanyes

United Alabaster

United Alabaster: the “Glans” lamp.