Swedish textile patterns as mosaic pavement on the Hagatorget in Karlstad

Karlstad’s Hagatorget, Sweden.

A former roundabout for the cars has been turned into a place for the citizens, which gives them a bit of a feeling of home

Natural stone is most beautiful when it rains, because then its colors emerge so wonderfully. The photo above proves this once again.

But the paving mosaic on the picture is even more beautiful when you look at it from a bird’s eye view: there are 2 typical patterns of Swedish textiles as known all over the world. You can find them on Hagatorget (Haga Square) in the Swedish town of Karlstad, where they give an unexpectedly beautiful face to a former area for through traffic.

Karlstad’s Hagatorget, Sweden.

Because the Hagatorget is not really a square, even if buildings surround it. It is rather an important street in the center of Karlstad, but it widens a little at this point.

Formerly, there was a roundabout with a statue in the middle, but finally, there are more roads leading to the main street. When new bus lines with a stop at Hagatorget were planned, the whole area was to be redesigned.

Karlstad’s Hagatorget, Sweden.Karlstad’s Hagatorget, Sweden.

The landscape architects from Sweco were commissioned to do this, and the Swedish natural stone magazine “Sten” wrote the story about it.

Karlstad’s Hagatorget, Sweden.

Architect Ulrica Larsson was in charge of the project, and her aim in the design was to give the citizens a recognizable place. In addition, the new square place should give the citizens something of a home.

Ulrica Larsson brought the textile patterns to the square. It is remarkable how the mosaics are placed: as if a salesperson had just spread them out on the sales table in front of a customer with a quick gesture.

Grey Bohus granite, red Vånga granite and black diabase were used.

Granite cubes have been placed along the square. They keep the incoming car traffic in its lane and also serve as seats for the citizens.

The paving work was carried out by Sten & Vägarbeten.


Sten & Vägarbeten (Swedish)

Photos: Sweco / Sten

(31.07.2020, USA: 07.31.2020)