Cattelan Italia: glass with the appearance of onyx or marble for table tops or furniture

Table „Premier Crystalart Drive”, glass CY01.Sideboard “Sideboard “Futura Crystalart”, glass CY01.

The furnishing industry goes beyond the pure imitation of natural stone and has its designers create new “rocks” by hand

Many manufacturers of furniture and furnishings copy natural stone and use the decor especially of famous marbles for their ceramics or engineered stones. Recently, however, some companies have taken up only the appearance of stones and bring it further in their own materials. An example is “Crystalart” by Cattelan Italia: the company for high-end furniture has an artistic decorative printing for extra clear bevelled glass whose decor shows cloudy structures or strong veins, as known from onyx or marble or sandstone respectively.

“Crystalart”, glass CY02.Table “Scorpio Crystalart”, glass CY02.

Cattelan has 2 types of glass, simply called CY01 and CY02. Our photos show them in table tops or sideboards. The company writes: “Warm hues and amber nuances evoke the typical tones of the earth, of an immense and relaxing expanse of mountains.”

We had already reported about ceramic tiles from the Italian company Ariostea, which show a man-made crystal design.

Cattelan Italia

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