[kunstwerk] krastal: Sculpture symposium and events in the coming weeks

Logo of the Austrian art association [kunstwerk] krastal.

The Austrian art association sent us the following information about its sculpture symposium (July 17 – August 18, 2020) in the city of Völkermarkt in Carinthia, Austria

saturday, 22. august from 7pm
modre stone quarry – bergstein, völkermarkt

presentation of the sculptures
symposion bergstein

concert of Heidelinde Gratzl
music from all directions of the spheres

Tatjana and Gregor Kovačič
and other guests


14. 08 – 03. 09. 2020
bildhauerhaus – krastal

Sigrid Friedmann and Ulrich Kaufmann


Sigrid Friedmann and Ulrich Kaufmann show photographic works and light, room and video installations specially developed for the sculptor house. They give an insight into their current work after 20 years of individual and joint work.


thursday, 3 september from 7pm

visiting hours:
friday – sunday from 4pm to 8pm
and by appointment
Ulrich Kaufmann: +43 699 19532324

01. 07 – 31. 08. 2020
bildhauerhaus and lauster stone quarry – krastal

symposion [kunstwerk] krastal 2020

In the German language the word public (~ öffentlich) is derived from the word open (~ offen). The symposion “open space”, intends to investigate the rapport of the open and the public, the use of public space, and the forms, the place and the function of artistic and non-artistic expression in it.


every saturday from 7pm
artist conversations

sunday, 30 august from 5pm
ossiach abbey
symposion closing fest

15. 07 – 28. 08. 2020
modre stonequarry – bergstein, völkermarkt
symposion with the contribution of [kunstwerk] krastal

symposion bergstein
time travel and perspectives

every friday from 7pm
round walk and presentation
with artists, sculptures and perceptions

24. 07 – 01. 08. 2020
installation and exhibition Stadtturm, Völkermarkt
Stadtturm – Klangturm
Sound of Sculpture

saturday, 22 august from 7pm
sculpture presentation
concert of Heidelinde Gratzl – Accordion

[kunstwerk] krastal

(18.08.2020, USA: 08.18.2020)