“Quarry” is the coming theme in Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair’s “Product Focus”

Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair.

Each month, brands and products from 10 to 20 exhibitors will be highlighted in special online presentations

Xiamen Stone Fair sent us its newsletter with the latest information about its virtual Cloud:

In order to upgrade services that allow visitors to source ideal products from different domains, this time, Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair introduces a new initiative – “Product Focus”. The activity will be displayed as a series of various themes, in the hope of promoting brands and unveiling product features in diversified ways. Each theme contains a collection of products from 10-20 exhibitors. The first monthly focus is “Quarry”.

Recently, Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair had brought 2 live webinars about design in stone products. We are preparing for the future webinars. If you have something informative or inspiring to share with the public, please send us a mail and tell us your topic (Mail).

By extending to the social media platforms like WeChat, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair has held the activity of #VisitCloudBooth for weeks to showcase exhibitors. Newsletters that gather quality brands will be sent regularly as well. Enjoy their Cloud Booths for more details.

Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair is a virtual trade fair dedicated to re-connecting exhibitors and visitors beyond time and space. It enables product showcase, business negotiation and information exchange. We make efforts to provide a convenient, efficient and stable online platform, thereby resume trade and businesses in the stone industry.

Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair

(23.08.2020, USA: 08.23.2020)