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In the natural stone sector, too, an idea and a decision are at the beginning of a high-altitude flight. But not always the wing beat is the decisive element.

Dear readers, has been on the web for a dozen years and, as the name suggests, presents ideas for the use of natural stone. These mainly come from the fields of architecture, interior architecture and product design; our most important readers are architects, designers and (private) builders.

If you have building or decoration projects or product ideas that you would like us to report on, please contact us.

The conditions are:
* a report is free of charge – it is not an advertisement;
* we write the report – it may not only advertise for you, but the topic must be of general interest;
* we need your cooperation by answering our further enquieries about the project in question;
* we need photos of you in good quality (no mobile phone photos).

A characteristic of all our reports is that the criterion for selection is not the quantity of the stone used, but the quality or originality: as a rule, an airport or a hotel will not interest us, even if there are as many square meters of stone laid there; however, there is something special there, such as a stone mosaic in the floor, walls with a special stone decoration, a special staircase… this can be a topic for us.

In these reports your company will always be mentioned and there will be a link to your webpage.

We are also grateful for suggestions as to which topics we should research.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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