Riluc is a Portuguese manufacturer of design furniture, sometimes using natural stone

Riluc: “Fenda“. Design: Toni Grilo.

The company comes from the metalworking industry and focuses on stainless steel with various coatings

Since 2009, Riluc has been the design brand of a Portuguese family-owned company that comes from the metalworking industry and at that time focused on furniture. As usual in the metal industry – and unlike in the natural stone business – no one there would think of using just one material for the furniture.

The designer Toni Grilo is the art director of the company and he occasionally adds natural stone to stainless steel as the most important material. For example in the “Fenda” collection with round, square or rectangular side tables.

Riluc: “Fenda“. Design: Toni Grilo.

Or in the “Basic” collection: here the stone with its weight gives stability to a side table and a wardrobe. It also appears on a wall board so that the design of the collection remains recognizable.

Riluc: „Basic“. Design: Toni GriloRiluc: „Basic“. Design: Toni Grilo

Different types of Portuguese and foreign marble are available. For the steel there are brushed or shiny surfaces. Various types of titanium coating also give the steel the appearance of brass or copper.

On the website, the company outlines its design concept: We want to be “an outstanding brand of furniture, something that didn’t exist in the global market, capable of arousing curiosity and calling attention to the quality of work we have been producing for decades”, says Ricardo Lucas, founder of the brand. The company is based in Santo Tirso, a small town in northern Portugal, and has a showroom in the port city of Porto.


Photos / Renderings: Riluc

Riluc: „Basic“. Design: Toni GriloRiluc: „Basic“. Design: Toni Grilo

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