The company Lundhs from Norway can be an example of how a natural stone company can successfully market its own materials with product design

Lundhs 2016 at the Fuorisalone in Milan: „Aerial“ was the name designers Bjørn van den Berg & Falke Svatum gave their lamp with a base in Lundhs Blue.

The manufacturer of rough blocks develops functional products for the (upper) middle class that can be used in everyday life

Lundhs Real Stone is a registered trademark with which the Norwegian natural stone company Lundhs has been on the market since 2014. It is used to promote design products for everyday use. It is especially important that the objects are functional, that you can really use them in the household, for example.

Lundhs is actually a producer of raw blocks that the company extracts from its own quarries. They are Larvikites named after the nearby town. For the market, they have names such as Lundhs Blue, Lundhs Emerald, Lundhs Antique or Lundhs Royal. They are known for their mysterious shimmer.

Lundhs’ design initiative was aimed at arousing the interest of new target groups in its stones and finding contemporary applications for them. “Working with designers is a very good way of exploring new uses for our stones,” says Hege Lundh, the company’s marketing director.

„Sfera“ is an object by Kristine Bjaadal, half in Lundhs Blue and half in ash wood.

From the start, the attempts were very positive: “The designers have embraced our stones with interest and passion … and now we have good relations into the design community,” she adds.

Lundhs’ long-term goal was to gain access to the market for kitchen worktops. The target group here is the (upper middle) class and they want products they can use, not just show off.

„Essence“ collection (2018) by Thomas Jenkins and Sverre Uhnger.

Valuable, beautiful and functional could be used as a guideline for the purchasing decision of this target group. This is what Lundhs has oriented itself towards with its design products.

In addition, nowadays there is the environmental aspect, which plays an increasingly important role in all products. The company always emphasises that not only is the stone 100% natural, but also that its design objects make use of waste from the quarry or from production.

„Epilogue“ collection (2019) by Vera & Kyte.

Hege Lundh adds another aspect: “To use natural and long lasting material is a good way move away from the throwaway culture, and buy less but more durable products.”

Lundhs now launches a new collection every year, as is common in the design scene. For this purpose they work together with local creative people.

 “Larvik Vase” by Kaja Dahl (2019).

There was one exception this year because of Corona. “But we will continue this work, and hope to be able to show something new at a later stage,” Hege Lundh announces.

The editorial staff of heard the grass grow and asked if the company would like to move away from selling raw blocks to the exclusive production of design products.

Table “As long as you like” by Thomas Jenkins and Sverre Uhnger.

Press lady Janne Magnussen was amused by our mail, we suspect, but Hege Lundh replied very cool: “We are a quarry operator, and selling raw blocks is our main business.”

Lundhs Real Stone

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