Ceramic tiles: joint video campaign by Italian and Spanish associations

Screenshot from one of the videos.

In short scenes, the ceramic tiles are presented as helpers for a comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly everyday life / Problem of the industry: lack of qualified layers

From time to time, we like to look at the competitors for the natural stone sector, what their associations and companies are doing. This time: the video campaign “Ceramics in comparison – a safe choice”, created in a cooperation of the Italian and Spanish associations.

In the short videos, the ceramic tiles are not presented as a material for dream homes, but as reliable helpers for a comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly everyday life. According to this, ceramic is
* “unchanging,
* resistant to scratches,
* fireproof,
* not poisonous,
* recyclable,
* and resistant to bacteria, mold, and fungi”, as said in the concept.

This is shown by means of „events in life“, such as renovating.

Each of the videos starts with a question: “Did you know that ceramics…?“ Then it is played through that such tiles are the best answer to the question. This is not done like a teacher, but playfully and with an ironic undertone.

There are 3 seasons, and the main themes are the properties of ceramics, areas of application, and safety. Each season has 7 videos. They are available in 5 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, French, German). The budget per language was 100,000 €. The films have a duration of 30 seconds, which can also be shortened, depending on the medium.

On Youtube, the clips may also have less than 20 seconds.

In September, the films of the 3rd season for the German market were presented at a webinar by the participating associations. For the Spanish and Italian producers, this market has a “priority“, they said. Currently, 23% of the newly laid floor coverings in Germany are ceramic tiles – the two associations want to gain larger shares there.

Lack of qualified tile layers

The webinar again brought a major problem of the ceramic industry to the table: a lack of qualified tile layers. This applies in particular to the large formats.

“The finished product is the laid floor“, said Giovanni Savorani, President of the Italian association Confindustria Ceramica. Manufacturers, dealers, and installers all have an equal stake in the success of the ceramic tile. Ana Martinez, responsible for communication at the Spanish association Ascer, emphasized: “The lack of qualified layers means that not as much ceramic is used as possible.“

The Corona crisis has only temporarily led to the two associations having to reduce their production. Instead, the virus has brought the issue of hygiene and health to the forefront, where ceramics traditionally sees its strengths, they said. The industry would also benefit from customers‘ cocooning, i.e., the greater appreciation of their home.

“Once again, ceramic tiles give a positive answer to a problem,” Giovanni Savorani summarized.

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