Side table “Admeto” by Visionnaire: Marco Piva creates something completely new with a natural stone cladding

Marco Piva, Visionnaire: „Admeto“. Rendering: Studio Marco Piva

The Italian architect and designer does not want to hide anything, but to use marble without necessarily making the furniture heavy

The Italian architect and designer has developed a completely new form of covering (cladding) with natural stone for the side table “Admeto”: the 3 thick table legs have a thin marble covering on the outside and on top. It is true that similar things have been seen in the past, for example when the central foot under a table was covered with stone. But we had not yet seen that the covering here does not hide the inside of the foot but wants to create a clear material contrast to it.

Steel with the finish Siena is the second material of the table legs. “The steel not only makes the whole piece of furniture light, but also gives it an expression of modernity and technology,” says the product description by Visionnaire, the company that distributes the furniture.

The tabletop is made of glass. It cannot be moved in height, contrary to what one might think in view of the design of the legs. The diameter of the table is 92 cm.

Marco Piva, Visionnaire: „Admeto“, and behind it Marco Piva’s armchair „Adele”. Photo: Max Zambelli

Claddings with natural stone have been common for a long time. For building facades, they have been a market success since the 1960s, when gang saws began to be used to saw raw blocks into slabs of a few cm relatively quickly and cheaply. With the further development of technology, the stone slabs became thinner and thinner.

Since then, for example, you can find cabinets with doors lined with stone.

Studio Marco Piva


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