(September 2010) Germany’s economy is back on track according to the Ifo Business Survey. One positive development is expected in the building industry. Berlin in particular is experiencing a surge in the building of hotels. In Potsdam near Berlin a luxury district called „Tilia Living Resort“ with 50 villas is under construction.

Carrara is hosting the XIV International Sculpture Biennale until October 31st.

Limestone stems from million-year-old seashell sediments. In a website a research project takes stock of what oceans hold in store. We recomment viewing the gallery.

Jade-Mosaics from the times of the ancient Mayas is the theme of the exhibit „Faces of divinity“ in Mexico City (1, 2).

The month of September will see another European Heritage Day where cultural assets in stone can be viewed first hand.

Modern gravestones were the theme of a competition in Poland. Award-winning submissions can be viewed on a webpage of the trade journal Nowy Kamieniarz (Polish).

Video of the month: steps miming musical scales that give off a sound when tread upon can be experienced in the Stockholm Underground, in Milan and now also in Santiago de Chile. Under the marble steps of Zadar on the banks of the Adriatic Sea lies a Sea Organ by Nicola Bačiś. The undulation of the waves causes air to be driven through the pipes thus creating a sound (1, 2).