Trade fairs: Tangent on ceramic

(September 2010) Foreign visitors to this year’s Marmomacc in Verona have a golden opportunity occasioned by the practical concurrence of Cersaie in Bologna, the leading fair in ceramics and bath design accessible in a day’s outing.

Because of the overlap, many traditional Verona participants switched venues to Bologna altogether, as architects and designers are more numerous than at the stone fair.

Cersaie in Bologna

The Cersaie opens on the 28th of September, just one day before Marmomacc. Both fairs end on October 2nd. Cersaie is the leading fair for ceramics and bathes. For a list of exhibitors and visitor statistics, see below.

Architectural themes stand in the foreground in the accompanying program bearing the title „Building, living, planning“. One major point of interest of the seminars and conferences examines how shopping centres serve less and less as mere shopping venues and more and more as centres of communication. Another important theme is social housing and the symbiosis of private and public architecture. And last but not least, „Building, living, planning“ examines possibilities for increased sustainability in the ceramics industry.

One exhibit presents the ideas submitted to the competition „Emilia Romagna, urban polis future“, in which citizens developed ideas revolving around quality of life in cities. The main speech at the accompanying program will be held by David M. Child of Skitmore, Owing & Merill LLP Architects (SOM).


Marmomacc in Verona

The Marmomacc, to be held from September 29th to October 2nd, is still the lead trade fair in natural stone. Even if the competitor in the Chinese city of Xiamen surpassed the 100,000 visitors’ mark last year, Verona provides the impulses for the branch.

The competition „Marmomacc Meets Design“ made the stone branch sit up and take notice to stone design. This year’s theme is „Irregular – Exceptional“. Ideas have also been in the making to facilitate participation for foreign candidates.

Of course there will be a „Best Communicator Award“ again this year for the best presentation.

The program can be viewed on the homepage under „Conventions“. According to a press release one of the talks will be held on conversion of abandoned quarries.

Pre-registration is free of charge under The access code is ID CODE: 201011, Control Code: 497474. Each professional visitor must submit a unique e-mail-address to which the entrance ticket can be mailed. It is then printed. It is advisable to deactivate the spam filter before beginning with the registration procedure to assure that the mail actually arrives at it’s destination.


Transport. Bologna is accessible in just over one hour by high-speed train from Verona’s Porta Nuova train station at a cost of about 45 – 70 € return fair or 2,5 hours by regional train at a cost of about 20 €. Busses to the fair grounds (Bus 10, 35 or 38) commute from the curb opposite the train station.

Calendar of fairs:
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