Now online: volume 2 of Xiamen Cloud’s video series “Quarry Planet, Journey around the New Quarries”

Cloud  Xiamen Stone Fair: “Quarry Planet”

Chinese stone producers are turning towards „improved safety in production and enhanced sustainability,“ the fair informs

Xiamen Stone Fair has sent us the following press release about its virtual “Cloud“ :

In the Product Focus Vol. 2, 16 quarries from China are selected, displaying unique stone varieties with different veins and colors.

Stone is the very first material used in buildings, while quarry is the very start of stone products. Due to varied geological environment, different quarry produce a wide variety of stones. In October, Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair is introducing Product Focus Vol. 2 – “Quarry Planet, Journey around Quarries in China“.

Explore the treasures virtually with us now.

As one of the origins of stone materials, China is rich in stone resources which are scattered in almost all provinces and cities across the country. So far, over 3,000 quarries have been exploited in China, producing thousands of different stone varieties.

In recent years, with the development of China’s foreign trade, international market has an increasing demand on China’s traditional quality stone varieties.

The rising of quarry bases and industry parks has gradually reversed the unfavorable situation of quarry property right, processing capacity and utilization rate.

Moreover, the concept of green quarry and the application of advanced quarrying technology has improved safety in production and enhanced sustainability in China’s quarries. A high output rate of quarry is guaranteed accordingly.

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Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair

(18.10.2020. USA: 10.18.2020)