Fairs: Core Theme in Verona – Design

Honeycomb-structure in sandstone by Kengo Kuma for Il Casone („Marmomacc meets Design“ 2007).(September 2008) In 2008 design in stone will once again be a central theme of the Marmomacc, taking place this year for the 43rd time from Octoter 2nd to 5th in Verona where the campaign „Marmomacc meets Design“ has a central role. Last year’s theme was „the Lightness of Stone“. This year the operators chose a field rich in technical and creative innovation: „Skin, Texture“. Once more a joint-venture between a designer or architect and an representative of the branch will conceive groundbreaking ideas.

The search for new desing ideas in stone once again brings with it the „Best Communicator Award“ presented to the best stand at the fair.

And once again this year Veronese enterpreneurs will exhibit examples of outstanding design. The title „Grand Hotel Salgari: The World in a Room“ goes back to the author Emilio Salgari born locally and attaining fame with adventure and historical novels.

Another exhibit bearing the title „Palladio and Stone Design“ focuses its attention upon the ties between the famous renaissance-Architect Andrea Palladio and modern design. Exhibits include works in marble and granite from the Champo valley, elements of which are based on Palladio-design. This year marks the 500th anniversary of the famous architect.

A sprecial conferrence embedded in the fair carries the title „Stone and Architecture in Alpine areas – the Swiss Identity“. It deals with the long-standing tradition of using natural stone in mountainous regions and the future of this tradition.