Miscellaneous: ideas around natural stone

The mysterious metal pilar in Red Rock County, Utah. Photo: DPSA mysterious triangle metal pilar installed in the ground was discovered during a count of bighorn sheep in a small canyon in Red Rock County, Utah. Officials of the Department of Public Safety Aero Bureau wonder if it was an art piece and who might be the author. In a video on the webpage, investigators joke and call it an “alien life form“.

An unknown US-tourist named Jess has sent back a piece of ancient marble he or she once had stolen from a Rome museum. The Guardian refers to the letter included in the postal package and speculates that the person was seeking forgiveness “for being such an American asshole”, as said in the message.

AM3 Stone has launched a webpage about its Alabama marble showing photos and even a scene from the 1949 film “The Fountainhead“ with Gary Cooper mentioning the stone.

“Stones of Italian identity. A journey through architecture and design“ is the title of a report on Pibamarmi company’s webpage.

“Can a tree become a fossil?“ the Cleveland Museum of Natural History asks and gives the answer on its webpage.

Peninsula Building Materials promotes its Rhyolite stone with a photo of a chimney.

“Regardless of how old your house is, restoration projects using natural stone are a secure way of adding the property value, besides giving it a new lease life“, Videoink webpage writes.

Mindat.org has an online quiz with questions about minerals in 3 levels of difficulty.

The French webpage pierres-info has a collection of historic postcards showing people at work in quarry or in the workshop.

Earlier this year, news spread that a meteorite crashed through the roof of a house in Indonesia, and the owner sold the celestial piece for US-$ 1.8 million. The BBC checked the story.

Video of the Month: Nasa has published a webpage showing the rotational speeds and tilts of our Solar System‘s Planets.

(02.12.2020, USA: 12.02.2020)