Tato company’s lamp “Jil” by designer Lorenza Brozzoli with marble base and Murano glass lampshade

Lamp “Jil” from Tato by designer Lorenza Brozzoli.

Italian Tato design company has sent us the following press release:

The company’s fruitful encounter with Lorenza Bozzoli has given life to the table lamp Jil, conceived by the Milanese designer as an elegant and well-proportioned union of elementary shapes like the cylinder and half-sphere. Made by hand on the shores of Lake Orta, it features a Tuscan marble base and Murano glass lampshade combined with slender brass arms.

Measurements: base width 10 cm, Ø lampshade 35 cm, height 54 cm, weight 7.5 Kg

Lamp “Jil” from Tato by designer Lorenza Brozzoli.Lamp “Jil” from Tato by designer Lorenza Brozzoli.

A young brand founded by Filippo Cristina, Tato is internationally known for the classic and contemporary poetics that distinguish its collections of evergreen, cultured and sophisticated lamps and furniture. Hand in hand with the proposal of lamps and furniture designed by the Masters of design from the ‘50s and skilfully restored from the historical archives, Tato proposes contemporary pieces born from the brand’s collaboration with leading designers. The search for expressive solutions with an ‘out-of-time’ aesthetics is aimed at creating a well-balanced catalogue including lamps, upholstered furniture and home décor items that can truly define the personality of an environment.

The rediscovery of timeless languages through careful research conducted in the archives of architects/designers that have generated the success of Made in Italy design, gives rise to iconic pieces and authored editions that seduce due to their duality – as testimonies of the past that are still strongly contemporary.


Lamp “Jil” from Tato by designer Lorenza Brozzoli.

(05.12.2020, USA: 12.05.2020)